Project Management

At Anto Custom Homes, we believe that good project management consists of a number of key components. Proper discipline, strong leadership, careful and accurate planning, and efficient communication lie at the heart of any project, and we seek to embody these qualities with each project we undertake. Our skilled workers are highly experienced and professionally trained, giving you just the attitude and expertise your project needs in order to be completed on time and within your budget. Our experience speaks for itself, as do dozens of satisfied clients that are enjoying their newly renovated homes or yards. When you choose to work with Anto Custom Homes, you are choosing a team that is highly-capable and enthusiastic about getting the job done right.

Site Supervision

Our projects are always managed and supervised by highly experienced individuals that have the knowledge and attributes necessary to oversee a secure work site without overlooking important details. At Anto Custom Homes, we strive to uphold the highest standards when it comes to safety, and this is why we implement the most effective safety standards possible. This includes constant monitoring of safety equipment and enforcing safety practices and routines. Safety and security cannot be overlooked when it comes to any task, and we firmly believe this. When working with Anto Custom Homes, you can be rest assured that all work will be done in the safest and most efficient way possible with our excellent site supervision.

Project Budgeting

At the heart of any building or landscaping project is a budget, and at Anto Custom Homes we will work with you in order to make sure everything we do falls within the budget you have set. In order to avoid going over budget, our experts will work with you to hammer out each and every detail and establish a solid strategy to make the most out of your spending limit without exceeding it. Years of experience in the business means that we at Anto Custom Homes knows what works for certain projects and what does not, and this is how we can get the most out of your budget, sometimes even leaving you with some leftover dollars.

Construction Scheduling

In order for any project to be a success, proper scheduling needs to be implemented. At Anto Custom Homes, we understand that time is valuable and this is why we use the absolute best scheduling methods. When you choose to work with us, you can expect construction to be underway at a time that is convenient for you, and you can also expect the ongoing work to be properly scheduled to match your own schedule, which will result in as little downtime as possible. Convenient service is one of the cornerstones of our company, and we deliver each and every time. You can count on Anto Custom Homes to provide quality service with convenience and efficiency in mind.


Anto Custom Homes provides quality and professional landscaping services that can transform your home’s exterior into a beautiful outdoor space that is sure to please the eye in more ways than one. We will help you with your landscaping project every step of the way including planning, acquiring the proper equipment and materials, and executing the plan. All of our landscaping projects are undertaken by experienced professionals that have a keen eye for design, style, and execution. You won’t need a green thumb of your own when you enlist the help of Anto Custom Homes. Experience the difference professionalism can make and call us today to start planning your dream landscaping renovation.

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