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Who We Are

Anto Custom Homes has been in the home and landscaping business for over 20 years, serving the Greater Toronto Area as a luxury custom home builder. Our team consists of experienced and highly-skilled individuals, that have what it takes to tackle any project you may be interested in pursuing when it comes to building on, renovating, and landscaping any part of your home or property.

What We Do

We provide professional services including home building projects, renovations, additions, landscaping, and effective project management. At Anto Custom Homes, we aim to provide you with exceptional service while staying within your budget and delivering on time. Our primary goal is to provide a fantastic end result that is achieved through professional supervision, proper allocation of resources, and keeping a fluid dialogue with our customers.

Why Choose Us

When you’re looking at any home building or renovation project, you should be looking for nothing but the best when it comes to getting the work done. Anto Custom Homes is your best choice for your next project. Our team is dedicated, determined, and meticulous in its craft, meaning you can count on them to produce quality results.

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